Meet Dr. Christine Cho

On Being a Dentist

I love connecting with my patients. Being able to build relationships with them, while helping improve their lives, is rewarding. As a dentist, I’m able to help a person smile with confidence, restore the ability to chew, and move them out of dental pain. Each of those means a happier and healthier life for that patient.

Partly due to my training at the Hospital for Sick Children, I enjoy caring for children of all ages. I find it gratifying to be part of their positive dental experience, and to make a difference in encouraging excellent dental habits and a great attitude about seeing the dentist.

I’ve been a practicing dentist for almost 12 years. Dentistry is truly a field that requires a balance of arts and science. I like the duality of the field, and all the challenges it brings forth. — Dr. Christine Cho

Education and Continuing Education

Each year, Dr. Christine Cho participates in many hours of continuing education in the form of lectures, seminars, and study clubs. This allows her to stay current with ongoing developments of new materials, leading-edge technologies, and treatment approaches. Dr. Cho’s patients trust her to deliver the highest level of care and the best care experience; continuing education ensures she is able to do so.

Professional Memberships

Personal Life

Dr. Cho grew up in Toronto and now lives in Vaughan with her husband, Dr. William Teo. When she’s not caring for her patients, Dr. Cho enjoys escaping into a good book, listening to music, and painting. She also enjoys hiking and traveling.